Crash course- Lesson I

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Let’s talk supplies!

I’d like to say it doesn’t matter what supplies you use, it’s all the same. But it’s not. Your paints, and brushes, and papers will make a world of difference in your work. So this is a little crash course in basic watercolor supplies. These are the materials I use and work with everyday!


Let’s start with brushes. You need a decent set of basic brushes, enter my fav- Princeton synthetic sable brushes. These are affordable and easy to find. I can get the cleanest lines or the most romantically loose flower petal with them. I have a ton of different brushes from flat to mop to fan, but I almost exclusively use my rounds #2, #6, and #12. They are worth it!



Next your paper. I really think next to the paints themselves, your paper is soooo important. Crappy paper will give you crappy results. Watercolor paper is made to handle lots of water and let the water do the work. It has a lot of “tooth” to add all that great watercolor details.


I use this, Legion paper- and this is what you get- that magic! It holds the water in all the right places, it’s watercolors best friend.


I’ve played around with sooo many paints (and I encourage you to, too!), but I pretty much am faithful to Windsor & Newton watercolor paints. They are rich in pigment, high quality, and I just prefer them. I started with them, experimented with other brands , and came back. You need a basic palette so get your self some reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, throw in my favs- opera rose, paynes gray, mars black, viridian…pretty much all the colors are my favs.

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I prefer tubes- then I squeeze them out into my palette and let them dry. Once dry they are ready to go! When you set up palette, try to put your warms with warms and cools with cools. That way it’s easier to mix and keep your colors clean.

Thats it! So go get your supplies and come back next week for crash course - lesson II!

Freebie time! (my favorite time.)

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Ok, so a bit of a confession… I have an addiction to calendars. I just can’t stop myself, I LOVE pretending I’m organized (lolz) and filling in those little squares and line. So naturally, I designed a calendar for 2019!

This one features watercolor florals, all 12 months of original artwork, prints out on regular US letter size sheet of paper, and works perfectly clipped onto a clipboard. I was so into making this calendar, I can totally feel it’s only the beginning ( of a new addiction)!


Super Fine

You know when your looking though insta or pinterest, and you see all these amazing pictures of food and your like, "oh my god, I have to eat it."? Ok- that is exactly how I feel about these ribbons....drooling....take a look.


These little, soft, angel, beauties are from Frou Frou Chic and they are more then amazing. I use a ton of ribbon in my styling and quality ribbon translates in photos. This ribbons take it up a notch.



See what I mean?! 




Ok, Ok, I'll stop now...but you can see, quality makes a huge a difference here and these ribbons are like forged from strands of angel hair.

Photo Credits Here- @sarah_kirkham_

watercolor technique

One thing I love to do is teach others.I love offering workshops and I love watercolor so much, and I truly believe that everyone can paint or do calligraphy. It's practice and like any skill, learning the moves and techniques. We all start somewhere, so why not just start. There is no "I'm not a creative person" , I don't buy it. And to me, art and creativity are so personal and because of that quality can not be "bad" or "good".  

I know this video here is not a tutorial, but it's a quick view of loose watercolor flowers. This is style I use often in my paintings and stationery design and it's just relaxing and fun. Enjoy!

East Coast Vibes


When my bride came to me with her color palette and venue location, I knew she had exquisite taste and this suite was going to be a dream. With her blues and greens and the natural elements and elegance,  I was so drawn to that coastal feel.  I was starting to feel the saltwater breeze in my mind.  I knew I wanted to create  something that spun that all together. Enter,  beautiful architecture that begs to be illustrated, flowers and leaves in ocean blues and greens,  and classic calligraphy. 


Being a east coast native myself, I have these amazing memories of Mystic, Connecticut.  I really wanted to include that some how in this suite. The Inn at Mystic, had to be included. 


Had to get those beach colors for the right feel and blend.


I usually rough draft my couples names about, one thousand times. I love to play with styles and bounce back and forth between pointed pen calligraphy and watercolor brush lettering.

This suite also included maybe one of my favorite pieces (it's so hard to pick!), this rehearsal dinner invite! I love those little foodie details! 

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Honestly so much fun working on this one and with this couple. I'm still taking photos of everything and can not wait to get started on the day of pieces!