Guide for Envelope Addressing

In order to best serve your calligraphy and addressing needs, I ask for your address list to be formatted. This assists me when centering is needed and helps to minimize mistakes. When formatting your addresses I ask that you:

  • Have your addresses in a Word or Pages document.

  • Have your addresses center aligned in your document.

  • Do not use "caps lock" or an all caps font.

  • Have all abbreviations spelled out fully, including state names, street, road, number, avenue, and names, etc.

  • For married couples, please include only the man's name. 

  • If you have any etiquette questions regarding your list feel free to ask!

Some examples of formatted addresses

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Reese

1578 Parse Tree Lane

Number 8

La Jolla, California


Ms. Angela Turner

And Guest

235 34th Street North West

Seattle, Washington


Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Nast

and Family

8745 Clover Hill Drive East

Phoenix, Arizona