Congratulations !

Your wedding day is about you, as a couple, as a family. It's one of life's big moments, a day you and the people special to you will cherish. Adding custom art work and calligraphy to your wedding is a personal way to tell the "story of you". Every design is created by hand using a mix of watercolor paintings, illustrations and lettering and used only for you. It’s your heirloom, your story, your tangible keepsake from your day to hold in your hands now and 30 years from now.

 Time Line

Creating custom pieces is a labor of love. You can expect to spend anywhere from 4-12 weeks on your custom piece(s). The process is a fun and rewarding collaboration between client and artist. It starts with concepts and sketches, creating and editing to achieve the exact design that you envision for your wedding day.


Watercolor by nature is beautiful and versatile. Creating dramatic blooms, or romantic petals, a dreamy wash or venue illustration, the possibilities are endless.  We will work together to get the exact vibe, feel, and tone of your celebration.


Maps and Illustrations

A snap shot of special place, a map, or your dog. Illustrating details for your wedding creates a custom work of art. An illustred banner on your wedding invite or illustrated menu items, it can be fun, subtle, and a great way to stand apart from the rest.



Calligraphy is an art form and an old world tradition. Using it in your wedding day details is like adding that one of a kind family heirloom. It's something timeless, vintage, and classic. From your invitation, your envelopes,  and your place cards, everywhere you use it weaves that feeling into your wedding day.


Monograms and Crests

Think of this as your family or couple emblem. Designed only for you, your colors, your initials, your cats (or dogs, or cars). These pieces are extra special. They can be created with all the details that are unique to you and your love story, they are one of my favorite things to create for a couple. They also can be carried through your entire wedding day form menus, to napkins and beyond.