hello there!

I'm Cat Wilcox. I am a New England based artist, illustrator, and calligrapher. I am a mother, a sister, a dreamer, a lover of color, living messy, and chocolate.  I am endlessly inspired by romance and passion. I am a visual story teller- paints, color, ink, and brushes are how I share stories with the world, and I'd love to share your story too. 

I border on a style that is a combination of a little unconventional and  loose as well as slightly traditional and modern. I'm not afraid of taking risks but appreciate simple and timeless. I really love contrast, colors, and a touch of the unexpected.  I create my custom designs and stationery pieces with that same sense of uniqueness and wanderlust. After all, every couples story is a unique treasure. 

I can't wait to hear your love story!